Artist Statement

Brooks Harris Stevens



Working as an inter-disciplinary artist I escape in the creation of work that is deeply rooted in the history of textiles. I seek to express my personal experiences and relationship with cloth using various materials and techniques that are associated within my human experience.  These cultivated experiences help to inform every choice of material, each stitch, cut and fold when making work.  Just as I am drawn to the touch of materials and their inherent qualities, I equally rely on personal experiences that ultimately unify concept with technique.


Over the past several years my work has shifted to focus on various cultural observations of rituals. As we live in world that is in a constant state of change, so are rituals as basic as making a cup of tea to elaborate ceremonies. I have come to observe these as adaptive rituals as old as the creation of textiles, leaving a rich history to find inspiration. The history and strong cultural associations with textiles from the beginning of life feeds my concepts. Through the repetitious act of making and re-making of objects during the creation of work is not an end but rather a place of discovery and understanding. During these discoveries I find a strong connection in my studio practice allowing a deeper understanding of rituals and their significance.