POISE | Poise is part of a larger body of work titled, Spoon-fed Lies. This series is based on misconceptions that have been told to myself and an endless amount of young girls (and boys) sitting in highchairs for many generations. Being a part of Generation X, and as the percentage rises, I have found myself precariously positioned in a "sandwich" dealing with struggles of caring for elderly family members as well as being a mother of two young children. Daily, weekly and hourly struggles are used as a means of expression in each dress ultimately hoping to find an answer.
White silk organza and thread speak of the innocence that has invaded the girls dress with societal and personal expectations. Their translucent and airy presence produces a light and ghostly look, which relates to the haunting effects of these misconceptions. The images that have been embellished onto the dresses demands the viewer's attention when connecting their life experiences to each dress. Each white silk organza dress has been hand embellished with different images such as a balance that plays with the idea of "having it all" or at best, trying to deal with having more than you can handle or with rulers to signify different means of measuring personal success or what others think your success should be. Nonetheless, we all have our own path and have or are still figuring out what works or doesn't.