Letters of Lineage | 10' X 7' X 7' | Fibers |
Métier is an exhibition that will communicate with a broader audience consisting of women and community members of Kosovo. The broader concept is to work within the gallery to communicate the strength of women of Kosovo. The focus of the exhibition will be to venerate women's strength within the region and bring their message back to the United States.
The purpose of the exhibition is to assemble and involve a community of women in Kosovo to participate in the creation of a portion of the work for the exhibition exemplifying their struggles and strengths. As an American, the artist's intention is to celebrate the women of Kosovo and to give them a stronger voice through the dissemination of artwork.

Bringing the group of women together for Métier will be inspirational not only to the community in Kosovo but also to the artist herself. The work created before and during the exhibition will be brought back to the United States for exhibitions and publications.

The exhibition is organized by: Leo's Art Organisation, Eastern Michigan University and Illegal Architecture;
Media by: KOHA

Letters of Lineage was constructed of over 1,000 laser cut Tyvek #10 envelopes. Tyvek was used for constructing the bodice sleeves as well as all of the envelopes. Stitch by stitch each envelope was attached in various ways to make this large scale dress. Creating this dress as a part of Métier an exhibition for the women of Kosovo was very inspirational as it took place in a 16th century Hamam; a traditional Turkish bath in Prizeren, Kosovo.