Mendng Gold: Cotton Spinning Mill, Bucharest, Romania

Mending Gold:Industria Bumbacului,Former Cotton-Spinning Mill, Bucharest, Romania | Intallation site prior to mending | Building before mending on the architectural site | Mending Gold: Cloth, Land & Architecture

The act of mending is a personal and intimate action that takes me back to my first loves; needle, thread and cloth. Mending was once seen as a necessity across all cultures, today, some still find value in mending while others toss or cast the used aside to purchase something new. In a consumer- based economy, many fail to recognize and understand the relationship we have with textiles, landscape and the built environment or understand their importance in our lives. The task of mending allows me to pay close attention to the history of each textile; learning about its past rituals and how it protected the body or its performance within our homes. Highlighting the mended areas with a single gold thread, I am able to enhance the worn typography bringing attention to the individual history. With each stitch of gold thread, I add value back into the worn areas. This process celebrates the imperfections by adding beauty to the life of the worn areas. I too seek to find beauty in worn textiles, buildings and landscapes. Mending Gold: Cloth, Land and Architecture is a series of work that expands across our daily lives not only in textiles but also to our built environments that surround us daily.