Mending Gold: Peninsular Paper Company, Peninsular Park, Ypsilanti, Michigan

Mending Gold: Peninsular Park, Ypsilanti, Michigan | Site specific | Gold ribbon | Over the course of 2 days in August 2016, I along with several wonderful participants, performed a landscape mending at Peninsular Park in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Finding warn areas within the landscape from decades of use to weeds from a more recent time of abandonment added inspiration as these areas highlight much of the history of the land. This site was once the power generator for the Peninsular Paper Co. located just across from this site on the Huron River. This power generator not only supplied the Peninsular Paper Co with power, it helped to supply power to many industrial buildings along the Huron River. These businesses were employers to various industries that helped to support the lives in the area. Michigan along with many other cities in the Rust Belt have felt the results many families have experienced from the ghost of industry's past as it leaves an empty void not only in the knowledge of skilled labor or economy but also within the landscape. Not only is this landscape mending central to the Peninsular Paper Co. it is connected to the union suits made by the Ypsilanti Underwear Company connecting parts of the history of textiles to Michigan, USA. The Ypsilanti Underwear Company was one of the businesses along the Huron River, home of the union suits made for women, men, and children from the 1880's- early 1900's. The Ypsilanti Underwear Co. employed nearly 300 Ypsilanti area women as foremen and supervisors during its lifetime, which added to the prosperity of the area. To add more depth to this body of work I have been actively mending a union suit. More images of the mended union suit will be up shortly. A huge thank you to all of the wonderful ladies who helped mend: Suzanne Boissy, Molly Doak, Julia Windom, Jordan Wilshaw, Lauren Mleczko, Ilana Houten,Elize Jekabson, Julia Lubas, Jessica Tenbusch, and Riva Jewell-Vitale, your help was invaluable!