Mending Gold: Lapidari, Tirana, Albania

Mending Gold: Lapidari, Tirana, Albania | Landscape mending | A Lapidari is a type of monument that was once scattered across the Communist countries in Eastern Europe. Many have been torn down or are in some way altered with graffiti or partial demolition. This type of monument was common as a way to spread propaganda to citizens during the Communist reign. Working with the students from Polis, we were able to discuss how these monuments fit in their landscape and how they see their country moving. It is not my position to make any stance of right or wrong but to facilitate conversation with the younger generations in Albania. All but one of the students that worked on the lapidar were born post-communism therefore they do not have the same connection with these monuments, or any other Communist monument, that their parents or grandparents have. After discussing their views we worked to mend parts of the lapidar. This is not to be misinterpreted as repairing the monument but as a gesture to move their views and experiences in a positive way so that they have a stronger voice in the future of Albania.