Mending Gold: Connective Space
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Connective Space | The actions that were preformed to create Mending Gold: Connective Space, connect with Textile history as most textiles have been created through a variety of collaborative events, these textiles have been produced by women. From sewing circles, to working as a collective in textile factories, women, for the most part are responsible for the community and lineage that have brought textiles through the centuries, a family's heritage, and have acted as the seams that bind within our communities. Just as a farmer will sow each row of seed to produce food for the community and world, textiles have a similar production as each stitch, intertwined and linked helps to connect and build the foundation in the creation of cloth. As an educator and artist it is of utmost importance for me to practice and live within these values, which led me to work with two female artists, Charity Glaza and Taylor Orr, who assisted in the construction of connecting thousands of gold threads. Each needle threaded and pierced through the defined areas of the bodysuit is an example of skill, lineage, time and most importantly, a way to form community. These repetitive actions help to connect rich histories that have been built through the foundation of textile makers, workers and novices. As the second step of creating Mending Gold: Connective Space, the army of fierce women were invited to wear the paired bodysuits culminating in a group of ten women directly connected and documented within nature. The act of connecting each person to another is symbolic of our human need to be connected and supported by others as each relationship depends on the intersecting lines of woven fabric, knots and loops that intertwine our existence. Ten amazing women who I greatly thank for being open to wearing these bodysuits sight unseen!
Participants (left to right on each row)
Margaret Wong & Madeline Stevens
Shru & Charity Glaza
Abbigail Israelsen & CaraMia Bertoni
Lauren Mleczko & Sara Codarin
Shelby Chorich & Taylor Orr.